Dreame - Monroe 2 ❤ Love In The Night ✔
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Monroe 2 ❤ Love In The Night ✔
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Steamy Stories
I was curious. What the hell! we're strangers anyway. I was taking a peek in the other room, a large bedroom with an bathroom door. I can see his naked back with ripples of muscles stretching, as one of his hand's above his head spreads on the bathroom wall, and the other one stroking his shaft. What the hell? His m**********g calling out my name? Damn! I quickly run back to the safety of the kitchen. Pretending to make coffee, or at least trying to. The image was too vivid and so sexy, so f*****g sexy! Then I hear him behind me. I squirmed suddenly feeling the wetness between my thigh. "Morning Jan, how are you feeling this morning?" Wet... So very wet oh! And horny...so very horny! My inner voice shout out. I like him calling me Jan, only my mom used to call me that. Andrew is looking sexy with his shorts chinos, and only a towel hanging on his shoulder still trying to dry his hair. I can see his tattoos making him looked even more sexy. Making me Hot! Need cold shower! Shit! Did he see me peek just now? *********** Andrew believe in the simple life, where love is non existent. But it all changed when he met this beautiful woman, that pushed him over the edge with all his jealousy and rage. It's easier for him to just walk away from her, but proven difficult to do. ********* Having previous bad boy as a husband, that cheated on her. Janice promised herself, that she would never fallen for another bad boy. Untill she meet Andrew. All the attraction between them, makes the s*x even hotter and proves harder to part from. Completed: Feb 2019