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Uncontrollable Cravings



"Hey." I walked closer to her. She didn't make an attempt to back up. Instead, she stared at me still with those big brown curious eyes. "You were at the bar." It sounded like a question but was more of a statement. She picked up a towel and begin to wipe the sweat off her neck and down to her chest. My eyes followed that small movement. "Yes." I found myself answering her. "And now you are here. If I didn't know any better, I would say you are stalking me." She said it playfully but her eyes had a serious glint to it. "My gym membership here has been over a year ago if you would like to check. The bar that you go to sing, it was the first time in six months since I went there." I shrugged. She chuckled and sat down her towel on the bench as she walked closer to me. It was my turn to be surprised. She was bolder than I thought as we were so close I can smell her feminine scent. My body hummed with pleasure and the urge to yank her body against mine was overwhelming. "You were watching me. You ARE always watching me." She stated her eyes staring straight at me. My eyes dropped to her lips and my mouth watered aching to taste her. I licked my lips unconsciously and my eyes looked back up at her. She didn't miss that action because her chocolate eyes turned a shade darker. *mild mature content and language*