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Forced by mafia



Daily update In a Darkroom, A man around 20's, dragging a girl with force and locked the door. " Sir, please leave me. I haven't done anything. Sir, please trust me." She pleaded in tears vigorously. "Am I, looking like a fool that you can backstab me and, I will still trust you. I'm very sure that you are a spy, I'm very sure that you had informed David group about my deal say the truth." He shouted angrily. " Sir, trust me, I don't know any David. Please leave me. " She pleaded in tears. " I know, it's not easy to get information from you, but I'm not going to be easy too." He scowled while unbuckling his belt, which made her shiver with fear. "Sir, Please, I haven't done anything. Sir, please Leave me plz. " She pleaded while crawling back, but he pulled her towards him by her leg and unbuttoned her jeans. She struggled under his grip to get rid of him, but he removed her belt and tightened it around her wrists tight and secure by ignoring her tears. ✒✒✒✒ A struggle of an innocent girl, who has been caged by a dangerous mafia leader. Will, they ever fall in love or the hate continues? Manik Malhotra a terrific underworld mafia leader, but Asia's top businessman. A living devil, only a few words are left in the dictionary to describe him. Such as Dangerous, injurious, dominating and a lusty devil. He doesn't trust anyone including his shadow and kills anyone who comes in his way. Nandini an Orphan, lost her parents in childhood, too naive and innocent. Her life is peaceful until she joins in Malhotra group as a secretary for this monster. That single job messed her life.