Dreame - The Lone Wolf
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The Lone Wolf
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
#Dreame writing Maraton - love story contest (Book one of the Lone Wolf Series) Elissa Smith was the luna Dark Blue crest pack, she thought her life was perfect, happy life and a perfect mate, but things changed when she found out that she was pregnant and was sacked from her office for no reason, going home to the comfort of her mate, only to find her mate sleeping with her best friend. Angry and frustrated, she rejected him and denounced her title as the luna of the dark blue crest pack, she left the pack and ran far away from him and his people to a place where she wouldn't be found, to begin a new journey with her and her pup. Alpha Maverick Xander of the Silver Crest pack was being forced to take a luna selected by the councils or he will be forced to step down from his throne before the next full moon which is a month from now. Alpha Maverick, the strongest alpha of the realm and the savior of the pack, everyone knew once he steps down, no one would be able to protect their pack as he did but an alpha without a luna is considered useless and worthless. What happens when he discovered his mate destined for him by the moon goddess was already pregnant with another's man-child. Will he accept her another's man child and luna and claim the child as his or will he cast her out away from his life forever into the unknown.