Dreame - The Lost Soul: CATALLION
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The Lost Soul: CATALLION
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Ruby Sunico
Thunder and lightning but Catherina Grandee did not bear it. However, she continues to dig the ground for her beloved cat who has passed away. As she dug, tears continued to flow from her eyes like a lake that never runs out of water. She loved her cat so much that she did not want anyone else to touch its corpse so she decided that she would just dig and bury it herself. After a months of being miserable, she decided to return to the province to the place of her grandparents. There, she went to college and so that she could forget her sadness about her beloved pet. CATALLION, was a lost soul in 300 years ago. He was the finest man back then. Many women falls for him because of his oh-so-yummy looks, tall and fair feature. He was a very good man and have a very beautiful girlfriend named Iulysses. But one day, their tragedy came. He and his beloved girlfriend killed by an unknown person. He died 23 of age and his girlfriend was only 20. Catallion lives as a wild spirit that has a body. Seeking justice for his death and for his beloved girlfriend.