Dreame - Breaking the Promise (Free to Read Story)
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Breaking the Promise (Free to Read Story)
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Ms Naomi
"Basta walang susuko a?" "Walang susuko, promise." Promises. Does it really meant to be broken? For the longest time, Ava, couldn't find her peace. She's been giving everything she can – saving and helping other people. But if one day she lose herself, who will come to save and help her? Caleb, the passionate, and only heir of his family who always wanted to run away from everything. What will happen if two roads crossed each other again? Will they give this love a second chance? Will Caleb choose to save her? Will Ava choose to love him, or to love herself. A battle between love and passion. A battle between loving someone or choosing yourself first. Who will win? Who will lose?