Dreame - Its you Again
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Its you Again
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Highschool days composed of Happy memories and Good friends and for Abi she had her fair share Dahil kay Paulo Diaz. He bullied her in her Junior days. The Adornment She felt for him slip beyond her reaches and hatred stayed in her thoughts throughout the years, But faith Played on her after 10 years . They Meet again. Suprisngly He dont recognize her. It is because of guilt or he just simply dont care at all, Either way. She dont know and she dont care. When Paolo Show interest in her.. Nagduda siya sa tunay na intensiyon nito sa kanya at She protected herself, becoming her the most Best LIAR in everything. But heart never lied. At magagawa niya ba ang balak na Gantihan ito sa paraang alam niya o bibigay din siya sa ngalan ng pagibig at pagiging totoo?