Dreame - Into the Howler [18+]
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Into the Howler [18+]
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Set in '98. A young woman named Chloe just got cheating by her current boyfriend that she exes. So, she is not looking for a serious relationship anymore, but her best friend found a guy that Chloe would like. But she will find her boyfriend again or be alone forever? All the pictures are from Unsplash Updated every daily but the second season will update every Saturday. 18+ only! Content warning: A lot of steamy scenes, violence, b**m. All Rights Reserved - 2020. Please don't copy my work or use any of my because in your work. Because plagiarism is illegal in every state. All characters in this story are fictional and not real people in the real world. *SEASON ONE RESUME IN JUNE 5TH.