Dreame - Aimee ( Soldiers in Love's War )
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Aimee ( Soldiers in Love's War )
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
"Our story started with the left foot. It was not love at first sight and we were not happy from the beginning. But when I managed to tear down the walls around his heart, I tasted a drop of the flavor of happiness. And maybe it would have been enough if I hadn't paid so dearly and with such bitter tears for her. " Diagnosed at birth with a congenital heart malformation, Aimee did not have an easy childhood, depending entirely on medication and medical restrictions. Despite the insistence of doctors and the strict regime, at the age of 18 her condition worsened, her life hanging on a weak thread waiting for a heart transplant. Immediately after that, he began to have strange dreams with a voice and a silhouette of a blonde girl who cried for help, projecting her in places still unknown to her. When the voice began to appear in reality, his steps were directed to the dream places where he would meet Him. He had built walls so thick around his heart that he had long forgotten that they were not always there. Will Aimea's warm heart be able to melt the stone walls around him ?!