Dreame - A World Full Of Color
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A World Full Of Color
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Lia Salen
Underneath the picture perfect facade, Faith Ann Rodriguez is filled with restrained emotions and suppressed dreams. Growing up in a conservative family has taught her to be prim and proper so she can be a good wife to her future husband. That has always been a struggle for her because she has never really been interested in men, and it's a secret that no one must find out lest she'd bring disgrace to her family. Until she goes on a three-month long breather from home on the guise of work travel--which she tells herself is not entirely a lie because she will still be doing work remotely. There she'd meet Hope, a 26-year old happy-go-lucky lesbian who went on a vacation to escape an ex. Will Ms. Prim and Proper be brave enough to let go of the social constructs that has been embedded to her and pursue what her heart truly desires? How can Faith and Hope's love thrive when everyone says it's wrong?