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book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Odili Queenet
SYNOPSIS The story begins with an old forest said to be filled with supernatural creatures, people believed it was just a fairy tale but Sarah and Maxwell Smith believed there was more to what they believed about the enchanted forest and then they decided to turn it into their biggest mission and at the same time find more about the creatures that that no one actually believed existed. After spending most of their years searching and searching for the magical kingdom and creatures, they finally got a clue on how to activate the magic of the forest but they suddenly disappeared leaving behind their daughter Flora, after their disappearance reporter and investigators searched for Flora but it was as if she never existed because all records of her and her birth suddenly disappeared. 20 years later Welcome to Crown lake high school, the best awarding school with bright and promising students, but what happens when strange things begins to happen in the school. Find out more in this mind blowing story filled with supernatural events, suspense, Chioce, Romance, Love and adventures. Join the exciting journey through crown lake high school.