Dreame - Shadow Beast Shifters
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Shadow Beast Shifters
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Preview of the book:In 1907 there was a boy named Jackson Sparrow.He has never lived a normal life he was diagnosed with Therianthropy,which means he can shift into any animal he wants.He has every single tattoo of every single animal he has shifted into.His life has always been a literal hell hole to him,because his parents always tried their best to keep Jackson’s animalistic transformations out of human sight.But since they were humans themselves it got harder as Jackson grew up,but then when Jackson was 7 his father was forced to go into war.Then after 4 years passed his mother and himself got a knock on the door by someone from the war, saying that Jackson’s father was killed in the war.Then after 3 years went by there was a m******e in the town that Jackson lived in.But during that time Jackson’s mother told him to stay in his hiding spot.