Dreame - Classy Love
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Classy Love
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Ryun: So finally did you got what you wanted? But you can never really be anything in my life. Just be the person the family expects you too. Ami: Ryun..I..I ..never told anyone to get me married to you. Circumstances lead to this. I had no Choice!!! Ryun: but you always wanted this. So you are responsible for what happens afterwards... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryun Rai ..... only son to Mahesh Rai, one one the richest businessmen in India. He himself is leading the textile industry and the mall all alone. A playboy who took the business seriously after he realised his interest in it after the masters in business management. Only known Ami as the daughter of the housekeeper who studied in the same school and college as him because she was intelligent and his grandfather sponsored all her studies. Ami: A cheerful , dreamy and loving person who had a crush on Ryun from as far as she could remember. She doesn’t even know-when that crush turned to Love. But even in her wildest dreams she never thought of getting married to him. She had hidden it deep down in her heart as she belonged nowhere near him. She was happy to see him from afar and smile hopelessly as a mad girl. She was beautiful, smart and a lot of people were interested in her but she could only think about one man who didn’t even paid attention to her ever. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How will the story of these two will turn out...Read with me what happens to the life of two completely different personalities...