Dreame - Reborn and Taking Back Whats Mine
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Reborn and Taking Back Whats Mine
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Jessy Moore was the heir to the multi-international technology company, Moore's Group. Six months after she is married she over hears her husband and his mistress plotting the death of her and her family. Her husband locks her up, fakes her death and tortures Jessy for four years before finally killing her. Before Jessy takes her last breath, she swears that she will kill this disgusting couple and take back what belongs to her even if she has to wait until her next life to do so. Little does Jessy know that she will be able to make her words come true sooner than she thinks, when she is reborn into the body of 20 year old Kelsey Long. Kelsey had a miserable family life and a scheming best friend. Jessy promised that not only would she get revenge against those that hurt her but also those who hurt Kelsey. Before Jessy can even start taking out her revenge the cold and indifferent, Richard Jackson shows up. Richard protects Jessy/Kelsey even when she doesn't know there is danger and claims that he loves her. Should Jessy learn to trust again and chance this love with him? Especially when she doesn't know if he can live more than two more years?