Dreame - Trenchant Hearts
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Trenchant Hearts
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Maria Mettechia Santisteban came from a clan of faith healers. Growing up, She found herself believing the contrary when it comes to healing. But being poor and unfortunate, Mettechia never had the luxury to enroll herself into college and med school. Her family was also against her dreams. They want her to be just like them. To just continue the legacy their family had for centuries in a very small town. Until luck went to her side one day. Because of her outstanding grades, she was given a scholarship grant to a very prestigious university in Manila. Torn about leaving everything behind and giving up her dreams, Mettechia made a life-changing decision. With a heavy heart, she chose to leave her family and follow what her heart truly desires. Young and full of dreams, Mettechia can already foresee the bright future ahead of her. But life doesn't always go exactly as what you have planned. And when someone as jaw-dropping handsome as Oasis Rionessi Fuenadela entered the frame, what else could go wrong?