Dreame - Mates and Memories: Alpha Academy Book 1
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Mates and Memories: Alpha Academy Book 1
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Vicki Castle
Stary Writing Academy III - Dare to be a Teen Alpha Academy is a prestigious werewolf school for high raking werewolves. Before they are handed their positions, typically on their 21st birthday, all future Alphas, Betas, Gammas, and pack doctors are required to attend from ages 16 - 20. Here, they gain specialty training and practice inter-pack cooperation. Currently in attendance is Princess Elara. She is your typical spoiled pretentious Princess until she loses her memories in a mysterious accident. When she’s found by future Alpha Blake, Elara’s rejected Mate, she doesn’t remember who she is, where she is, or what happened to her. In a reckless impulsive moment, Blake decides to bring her back to his pack for their scheduled school break. A competitive environment stocked with hormonal teenagers and young adults. What can possibly go wrong? Spontaneously kid.napping the daughter of the notoriously ruthless Wolf King, great plan. Falling for his now ex-mate was definitely not part of the plan. Initially, Blake thought serving a little time with the pack omegas would teach Elara some much-needed humility. As Elara adjusts to life as a servant, Blake begins to regret his rash idea. Soon a massive wolf hunt is underway for the missing princess. Not only did he put his whole pack at risk but seeing Elara in this new light is distracting him. The once snobbish, bullying, pampered, impossible to please, and unbearably rude princess, becomes a champion for justice for those without a strong voice. How will Blake get out of the mess he created? What happens when Princess Elara regains her memories? Will she learn to forgive or seek retribution? This story will be updated on alternate days for the time being. ** Warning*** language and sex