Dreame - Road To Hegemony
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Road To Hegemony
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Paranormal Urban
What would you do if you were marked by Time? What price would you pay to save yourself and your allies at death’s door? Would you agree to a price you do not know? What should be the price for Power and Life? This is the story of a soldier who took a deal he didn’t know to save his team. Now, he and his team have obtained power. However, is the price for it something they would like to pay? This is the story of a Spec Ops Team’s ascension to hegemony and the price they paid. Note: Prologue tells the events surrounding the birth of the MC. It might be irrelevant. Book 1 tells the events leading up to making the deal. Book 2 begins to unveils the power obtained.