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My Resolution
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Lynne Lacey
Valerie lost both of her parents in the war, she has since been living at The Boone's Home for Foundlings and Orphans. Wolf culture is built around family, mating, and producing pups for the new generation. Valerie doesn't want to bring pups into the world, she hopes to never be fated to a mate, she doesn't want to hurt anyone by refusing to bear pups. She knows leaving her home, and lifetime best friend Donovan, pulling herself out of all werewolf contact is the only way to ensure she will never be fated to a mate. Meanwhile, Valerie gets caught up in a centuries-old secret that may be the key to discovering her adopted sister's unknown past. She must fight to help her sister and nephew, armed with nothing more than a seemingly indecipherable message from Queen Luciana. As she comes of age, the discovery of unknown ancient abilities passed down from her mother's tribe could be the key to breaking the bonds of the past for an entire people that have been unwittingly participating in their own demise.