Dreame - Hooking up with the Merciless Mafia Boss
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Hooking up with the Merciless Mafia Boss
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Zuri Kamiyah Burcelangco was obedient to her parent. She always obeys her parents' wishes even though it was against her will. She wanted her parents to be proud of her, so she just let her parents control her. But Zuri was sold by a ruthless mafia boss because of her parent’s debt. Her parents signed a contract stating that if they failed to pay for what they owned within two weeks, they had no choice but to let Mr. Tatumaziel Fuevos marry their only daughter. Zuri hates Aziel for purchasing her to her parents as if she were a simple item that could be bought so easily. But what if everything suddenly changed after that glamorous night that they shared? Will their feelings for each other start to change or will they stay out of the routine that they used to be?