Dreame - Forgotten Promise
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Forgotten Promise
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Yuri Myenne Elizondo or Yummy has everything she wants. She's beautiful, smart and talented and a good daughter and a sister that every parent's and siblings wish to have. But she's also a girl with suppressed dreams. Taliwas ang mga kagustuhan niya sa mga bagay na ginagawa niya ngunit 'ni minsan ay hindi niya tinutulan. She's living a dream that her mother dreams of. Alam niya sa sarili niyang, hindi iyon ang gusto niya ngunit dahil isa siyang anak na walang ibang ginawa kundi ang mapasaya ang magulang niya, she has to obey them. Nang yayari lang ang mga kagustuhan niya na walang nakakaalam tuwing gabi kasama ang kaibigan niyang si Sage. He is the guy who's behind every Yummy's journey every night. They became good friends until they have to be apart. And a promise was made between them. But she stumbled on the ground with complete bruises and her heart was scattered and shattered. She's alone. Gone. Can she still fulfill her promises or break it after years? The Bachelor Series #1 Date started: December 14, 2015 Date ended: October 16, 2016