Dreame - Melting your Precious Heart
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Melting your Precious Heart
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
What will happen if a happy go lucky guy meets a ice cold princess? Our protagonist is a humble son of a farmer with a warm personality and a happy go lucky spirit, he was famous in their village for his friendliness and for sharing his positive energy to other people. One day he was struck by a lightning when he was on the way home coming from the farm and died. Luckily he was transported to a distant world where the civilization was not as advance as his previous world. As a son of a baron one of the lowest class of nobility Felix immediately adopt to his new life and became famous around their little territory resulting him to be invited inside the castle where he will meet a princess that will take his heart away. With a cold personality of the princess who obeys his father ( The King ) since birth, how will our protagonist melt the ice cold heart of the princess.