Dreame - The Clingy Fiancee
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The Clingy Fiancee
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
His face was alarmingly close, “Why can’t you give me a chance?” I was trapped between him and the glass window behind me; to make things worse, he stretched out his arms with his hands on either side of my shoulders, caging me further in his heady scent. Why did he still have to be such an enigma? “I…” I began, searching for words to tell him, that this was so f*****g wrong. He was not supposed to woo me. Again. He was not supposed to sweep me off my feet and show me the world. Again. Only because I knew he was going to leave me. Again. **************** Myra Bhatt had been over the moon, when her boyfriend of seven years, and the love of her life had proposed to her for marriage. However, within one week of his proposal, he seemed to change his mind, leaving behind a mess of insecurity and trust issues with Myra. But the moment she heard that he had died, she forgot everything and had only one thing in mind - to get him back home no matter how impossible it sounded. Neil Singhania, a man who once had his own big empire and a beautiful, loving girlfriend he left for foolish reasons, now was just a lost man who didn't remember a thing from his past. Then he found an angel who looked just as lost and desperate, and somehow, he needed to find out why she felt like home.