Dreame - Finding Love
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Finding Love
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Shruti Omar
*Completed* Conjugal Bond is something which needs four important pillars; trust, loyalty, love and friendship. It needs more of it when two strangers are associated with each other in such bond. Shree Jaisingh, The eldest daughter of Tushar Jaisingh has safely established her identity in the bigger world of Business as Software Engineer. A smooth paycheck of hefty amount and a perfect pack of her beloved friends and family have kept her too busy to sought out a life partner for her. The burden falls deep on her parent's shoulders and when they finally dig a match out for her...... ......It proves out to be the worst ride of the amusement park she had ever taken. The Abhimanyu Chauhan, claimed to be the best guy for her made her show the things she never comprehended. A tale which was nowhere near the possibilities of coping up paves from the various paths of loyalty to fidelity to friendship and to love. Join the tale of Finding Love in the very familiar Arranged Marriage.