Dreame - WTAH Series: One Shots
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WTAH Series: One Shots
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Sensei G
These are just bonus chapters for fun or because I didn't want to add them for the sake of the plot but there won't be that many updates. I thought you guys might want to read them or something. So yeah. Also, I'll be posting A/N's through here instead of on the main book. And if you have requests for me to write then you know what to do. Again, the picture I used for the cover doesn't belong to me. This is how it'll work to avoid confusion: I'll indicate in front of the chapter's title which book the chapter belongs to. These will tell you which book it's for: Book 1- WTAH Book 2 - TPOG They're basically the books' abbreviations so it'll be easy to remember them. Also, they'll be shorter than normal.