Dreame - Everyone deserves a love story
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Everyone deserves a love story
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
"Oh my God! Jen, you're awesome!" Matt said as he kissed her cheeks. Jennie was stuck with surprise as he kissed her. She looked at him expressionlessly. Matt then realized what he had done. He cleared his throat and before saying anything, Jennie kissed him on his lips. The kiss which started to be as a mere peck turned into an intense one. It turned into a kiss that filled with love, passion and… a lot of emotions. Both stood at the cliff breathlessly gasping for air as they had their foreheads together. "A kiss must be like that Matt." Jennie whispered as she held his face. Matt was both surprised and shocked of what Jennie did. She kissed him! She actually kissed him! She stole his first kiss man! "That was my first kiss Jen." Matt breathed out his words. "Uh…" Jennie was surprised. Composing herself, she said, "That was my first kiss too." "Seems like we stole each other's first kiss." Matt said and chuckled. Jennie smiled hearing that. She moved her hands to his waist and held herself close to him. "I feel happy for us Matt. We are moving step by step towards our goal. We'll win for sure." ******** This is the story of Matthew Carter and Jennifer Smith who try to be together against all odds. A warm and loving story that emphasizes the fact that everyone has their own life and they do deserve to love and be loved. Read the story to know how Matthew and Jennifer design their love story. (Part 1 of the series)