Dreame - The night of the new moon kills the hearer
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The night of the new moon kills the hearer
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
zarinabanu banu
The sound of footsteps in the middle of the night to keep the village quiet asleep Began to hear the occult ... It tore the silence of that night and sounded terrible ...On New Moon ; So the stillness of the night was accompanied by terrible darkness....The sound of a jolt of jal jal accompanied it was horrible. The sound of the clatter also made its way to the southern part of the town. The towering palm trees looked like something else in the dark.It palm trees that continue its walk without faltering.Only a small light was visible in the distance beyond where it was.Those legs began to travel back towards it with that clasp on the uniform base The sound went on but the clattering voice owned face was not visible in that darkness The light was visible only at the end of that one-lane road that bends and bends and rushes down that path.As she began to walk, the animals that had been lurking in her legs began to run away in fear ...But she is not afraid of anything going on around her...He walked away as if his goal was to light the lamp ...Somewhere out of nowhere, a flying tattoo hit her face and she fell down.When she came near the light, her legs, which had been walking so far, began to rest a little ..