Dreame - That Gangster Is An Instant Mommy
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That Gangster Is An Instant Mommy
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Missy Elle
They say I'm fearless. I'm scary. I'm a gangster. I don't care.,think whatever what they wanted to think. And I'll do what I want to do. To avenge my mother. I planned my life for revenge. To get even to the person who killed my mom. Everything is okay. I am sure of it. I don't care of anyone. But something came up, no. He came up. Then I started to care. Revenge is there but my planned is ruined. This cute little grumpy, bossy baby ruined it. In a nice ways and I like it. He teach me how to care and how to love. He teach me how be mother. And I won't regret being an instant mommy. For it's one of the most wonderful thing that happened to me.