Dreame - Rise of the dragon queen
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Rise of the dragon queen
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
The earth needs guardians to protect it from those who wants to devour the life and balance out of this pla. The white and dark dragons are the magical shifters who descent from the galaxy to protect this world without a human eye can notice but one day the dark dragon and the white dragon fought with an unknown reason but in the end the dark dragon couldn't defeat the other half and died in front of the thrown, the white dragon seized all of the guardians who obtain the blood of the dark dragon but little did everyone know that one dragon escaped and hide in the big city of new york where they be came invisible from the eye of the guardians. the prophecy said that "one day a dark powerful dragon will rise and rule the world" but before this prophet end his words the white dragon king cut his throat and ended his life.