Dreame - When my Future and me was not in the end ?
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When my Future and me was not in the end ?
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Charlenemae Chachii Lumata Cantăr
I met this person when i was working at thr company.we're same company.i saw something in his eyes. I felt something more interesting. and then oneday.i heard he was broken that day.i suddenly comfort and tell i was love chatting and talk about my life.and tell everything . My first love .technically were talking allday allnight. Until oneday we felt something to us. we became friends,close friend, bestfriends and turn into Lover's ? but oneday wer decided to broke up and stay become friends. Im so deeply inlove with that person so much. Ill givr everything just to make our relationship happy and takr goodcare of each other. Mylife so Disgusting without someone i truly love. And then oneday we don't talk anymore. .