Dreame - Anemone
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book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Susanna Marquez had to leave for St. Michael's Academy after an accident that happened 2 years ago drove now her Father to his madness. A couple of miles off town, the campus stands tall amidst an evergreen forrest. Susanna has never heard of the school, but it offered her the sense of silence she's been needing and the lostness away from her life. The haunting magic that veils the air for her smells like healing. She finds herself in a nightly meeting with a stranger. The beautiful man doesn't speak his name and demanded to be called 'Sir'. Aside from having as much as knowledge on flowers and his fond of the rain, she's known nothing of him. He's a sevenfold enigma, and Susanna has no idea what could be the purpose of his stepping into her life is. She didn't know what changes come with him. On the fourth night of her stay happens a murder. Slowly came the revelation — secrets are revealed with unpleasant truths. When both hell and heaven conspire for your fall, where do you go? When demons chase you in the dark and angels hunt for your soul to burn, who do you trust? How will things end? +++ story also published in w*****d @faryalcode