Dreame - Falling For Elegance /ONGOING/
Falling For Elegance /ONGOING/
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Blue Bear
Quiet,workaholic and cold Damien Van Doren was busy with his dinner meeting when a mysterious girl bumped into him spilling the drink all over his clothes ruining the contract he had worked hard to get. Infuriated at the mess his clothes were and his client walking away with little guarantee of redeeming his contract,he made sure he was going to make her pay for ruining everything. Alexia Meyers first tour to the restaurants in Stanes landed in big trouble for her when she accidentally bumped into a strange man. Embarrassed at the mess she made she ran home only to discover the next morning a letter at her doorstep. A quiet vacation at Stanes didn't turn out to be one for her at all when she gets tangled in the affair of the most feared man. And the most feared man who didn't believe love existed falling for the woman that almost ruined his contract who ended up being the one that saved him a long time ago.