Dreame - Doom World: Ans, the Green Monarch
Doom World: Ans, the Green Monarch
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 12+
"You sacrificed all those things, you can't have a family or friends, or something that cares for you, you are the perfect agents of your monarch. Only loyal to him, and you make sure that the system works." "Not loyal to the monarch, not completely, but we are completely loyal to the people we sacrificed for, to those who have all that we can't. The monarch is just the leader, the best of all the people, the only one qualified to lead us in the road to our one goal: The survival of mankind," he responds. "Warning! Detecting maximum level threat." The armor says. "Ans!" Danna says. "Above you," Athena says. I look above and I meet a God. His red wings are made of light and he holds a gun in his right hand, a heavy plasma gun. His helmet reminds me of a mouthless demon, or a samurai, with three horns at left and right, and he has two green emeralds on his face that work as cameras. His armor is hermetic and seems to be made of black, emerald crystals and dark red steel that I can't identify.  "Analyzing armor…" "Analyzing weapons…" "Hyper core detected." "Recommendation: surrender."