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book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Seemran Haider
Meet Aiyana Daniel- An another meaning of happiness, cheerful , bubblish nature who love the Idea of Love. A social butterfly. A joker who love to joke in her Friend group. Always dream of fairy tale, her main aim in life was to fall in love, to have a protected possesive husband who would love her unconditionally..... But wait doesn't this sound to cliche..... Now Meet Aiyana Daniel After 5 year - Who hate the word Love. An arrogant ambitious women who want to have her own name in this male dominant era. Who hate every male species. Who despite the word 'Family'. She does not know how to smile. For her friendship mean Curse... So now the Question is - What happened in this five years which has changed her completely..... Meet Thomas Ronald Grey -C.E.O of Grey Construction House. A single Father of 5 year old boy Christian Marcus Grey. An arrogant man who love to dominance. He doesn't smile, don't know the meaning of calm. Always rude with his employes. But for his Son he is the WORLD BEST FATHER. What will happend if this two personality crashed? Any idea!!! ~Sneak Peak~ "Let's play a game"...He whisper in my ears sensuoulsy... I was shocked.....no one and i mean it no one has dare to come this close to me.... "You give your hunderd percentage to stop me and i will bring hell down to make you fall for me...His face held the dominant of confidence"... For the first time in my life i was scared...i was scared because this man have the power to break my cage in which i have locked my heart....