Dreame - Secrets in the Shadows
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Secrets in the Shadows
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 16+
Victoria Blossom
“For them you might be a sign of peace, but for me ,you are a hostage in this Kingdom!”, Kramer said with a growl. Born in a world of magic, Maev, a 26 years old young innocent witch who had just graduated from school was looking forward to putting into practice what she had learned and start her new job as a healer in the “ White Kingdom” castle. Serving their Queen was one of her dream and she couldn't wait to live it. She didn't expect that a simple misunderstanding between her world and that of the vampires will have her sacrificing her life to keep the peace between the two enchanted worlds. In the hands of a ruthless king who had only hatred in his heart for her kind, she would have to dig deeper than her supernatural powers to make him change his mind about killing her. Thinking that she was a simple servant sacrificing herself to save her people will open the doors to reveal other secrets which are lurking into the darkness, which will eventually come to light.