Dreame - Make It Right
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Make It Right
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
When was the last time she did this with someone? She couldn’t remember if anyone had ever been this gentle with her. Isla felt like her eyes were starting to well up. She couldn’t understand herself anymore. She realized that after her last heartbreak she had been nothing but partying with her best friend and studies and never thought how lonely she felt until now. The way Johanne was making her feel tonight made her think of the love she used to want and forgot the feeling after a broken heart. Johanne stopped and cupped her face, “are you okay? Do you want me to stop?” That made Isla smile and cupped his face, “no… don’t…” Johanne held her hand and planted a soft kiss on it, surprising Isla even more. . . . Her mind became clouded... It was making her feel something different in her chest. No… This isn’t just a one-night stand… It couldn’t be… It shouldn’t be… Was all she could think about. . . . “You’re mine after this…” Johanne whispered greedily in her ear and bit her earlobe hard. Isla didn’t know what came to her but just heard herself agree to what Johanne said. “Yes… Yes, I am…” She didn’t know why but she knew she wanted it. She didn’t know what kind of person Johanne was but she didn’t care. All she knows is she has carelessly decided to give what she has for this man.