Dreame - Billionaire's Wife And Mistress
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Billionaire's Wife And Mistress
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
After her father's tragic car crash, Rubi Santez reluctantly agrees to marry billionaire Hector Ruiz. Hours after their wedding he drops her off at his parents home and disappears for a whole year with his Mistress, only to come back with his lover and demand things he had no right demanding from her. Hector can't control his strong attraction for the wife he never wanted, he hated her for ruining his life. But why can't he stop wanting her? Rubi can't control the burning desire he ignites in her, and the chemistry between them is sizzling and just too much for them to handle. But he has demons of his own, a family secret that left him bitter and broken... Then the unexpected happens, but sometimes the best things happen unexpectedly....