Dreame - Monroe 1❤️ Love Amidst The Shadow. ✔
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Monroe 1❤️ Love Amidst The Shadow. ✔
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Steamy Stories
"Lisa are you sure? There's no going back after this...and I mean it." Aiden said looking sexy as hell, his lips a bit swollen red, from our hot kissing session. I nodded to his question while unbuckling his belt, not wanting to trust my voice in answering his question. His pants slowly dropped to the floor as I slide my hands to grab his ass covered boxer and dragged him even closer to my needy core. "f**k Lisa..this is so hot! Damn it, I need to strip you, you're wearing too much clothing for our needs." I smiled at his words. Then he grabbed my pants and stripped me to my black lace panties, while still on the kitchen island. "Lisa..you're so damn sexy, I could just eat you right away." I could feel his eyes roamed my body. I felt sexy in his eyes. ********** Lisa never embraced her ability to see the dead. She always wonder why would anyone entertain the idea, to even want to see the dead. She was never comfortable being who she was. Entities, spirits, ghosts they would suprise her and scare her. She took comfort, knowing that her parents would always be there for her, and guide her even after her adulthood. Until the day they passed away, and left her all alone. She was trying to cope with the encounters, but one faithful event lead Aiden to her. Since then, she was finding comfort in all the steamy encounters with him again and again. He was formerly acquainted with her parents. He was helping her coped with her situation, but then he started falling for her. Would she trust another man after her previous failures with them? And would he give her the chance to mend his broken trust in women?