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The Bad Boy Tutors The Suicidal Girl


Teen fiction

[All Rights Reserved] "Girls like you should be stronger and smarter, besides aren't you a nerd with an attitude,"Mathew smirked as I rolled my eyes again Me, attitude. No. Besides I'm not a nerd or a girl that can be strong. I'm broken. "Attitude. Yeah right."I told him as he looked at Erik since he was just putting his arm around Mathew's shoulder. "Yeah keep telling yourself that sweet-cheeks."I scoffed as he walked away waving including Erik who repeated his action. Are they twins separated from birth? ----- Sally Hills always had problems, but what happens when she gets stuck with the bad boy Mathew Creed. What happens when problems get into their way? Or their problems can't have any solutions? -If you notice something, please talk to me before giving hate. I'll warn you, this story causes suicide tensions, deep thoughts, and anxiety. -