Dreame - The Strongest Player ✔
The Strongest Player ✔
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Steamy Stories
"So Shane, I should've told you before we f**k. But here's the thing. I don't do relationship. This is a one time thing. There'll be none of this after tonight. Are you okay with this? Cause if not, I think you should go now." She looked like she was debating with her inner self. What the hell. That's my speech. I should've told her that, before we fucked. How could I even forget that. "I'm good Trish." I drank my whiskey and circled my arms around her naked waists. "I guess we should hurry then. If I can only have you for tonight, then I'm going to make the best of it." I winked at her as my d**k was getting harder at her mound, making her giggle. Give it your best boy. You're going to make it memorable for her. ********** Meet Shane Gregory a player, club owner, and a talented architect. Then meet Trisha Bradley a player, gallery owner with a dark past behind her. How would two strong individuals, clash their personalities and molds their steamy sexcapades. Both having trails of lovers, making each one jealous. Will they end up in a happy ever after, or will their passion fades away like other sexy encounter they have previously. Completed: March 2019 ********** *Warning! R-Rated for 1*+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*