Dreame - Alpha's Abandoned Mate
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Alpha's Abandoned Mate
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Steamy Stories
I shouldn't have trusted anyone from the start. I should have believed my intuition, but my heart still believed in him. I was just an abandoned person in my pack. My father was the alpha leader of the Crimson Pack which was the strongest pack of all. I always asked the moon goddess that if I have done anything wrong in my past that I was treated in this manner by my own family. I was just useless trash for my father, an eyesore for my stepmother and a pathetic slut for my stepsister. My powers did not awaken and all I can do is now wait for my mate to save me from this place, but the person I trusted the most stabbed me behind my back. Until the end, I was just an idiotic person for everyone. I suffered every day, but I still didn’t give up as I believed that my mate will definitely find me and then he will protect me, but I was wrong all along. (Warning:- This story contains some disturbing elements)