Dreame - Book 1 - The Mafia Entanglement ✔
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Book 1 - The Mafia Entanglement ✔
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Steamy Stories
"So tight, f**k Em. So f*****g tight." "I know, it has always been me and Bob for over a year now." I moaned hard. "Bob? The f**k Em. Why are you even mentioning another's man name with me inside you??" He was blazing mad and pumped faster and harder inside me. Woah...I like mad Ken. ********* This is her last chance in saving her career. She balancing her folder and knocking on the door at the same time. She was supposed to meet a Mr. Markov a single doctor in need of refurnishing and decorating his house. Her boss is itching to date her, saying if she lost this contract she will have to date him to remain as an employee within the company. Her folder was heavy, and when the door open and reveal the handsome single doctor she was overwhelmed and dropped everything on the floor. ********* He had one appointment before he goes to the ER. He needs to get this thing done fast. He opened the door as he heard the bell. He was not ready for the beauty in front of him, that seems clumsy enough to dropped everything on the floor and then cursed colorfully. Well..he's definitely amused by her now, as he helped her with her things. What will happen after their first meeting? And where's the Mafia part in this story?? Please join me and find out their romance, humor, excitement, and s****l encounters, this story will have its twist and turns that will hopefully keep all of you entertained.