Dreame - Book 4 - The Mafia Bride
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Book 4 - The Mafia Bride
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Steamy Stories
When his last lover got married, he finally craved for love, he longed to settle down. He was on a mission to find his perfect one. He was dating women every chance he gets, random woman from strippers to the very reputable school teacher. Until his father was fed up with his dates and finally play match maker for his son. ****** She was livid when she found out that her father had sold her off to one of the richest Russian mob family. She had just finished college and was experiencing her new role, at her father's organization. She was the sole heir of her father's legacy. She was a bad ass in running her father's business, but she finally had to relent when she found out that he had actually sold off more than half of their family business without her knowledge. ****** He was desperate to settle down. She was loving her independence. Will they meet in the middle? Will they even get along? Follow me and find out