Dreame - Book 3 - Romancing The Mafia ✔
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Book 3 - Romancing The Mafia ✔
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Steamy Stories
Leo was disappointed with Emilie for finding her way back to her Russian Lover. He thought he had real feelings for her. That all changed when Amber decided to slipped her way to his life one night, and took care of him after Emilie ditched him. He noticed that he was instantly hard, as Amber yelled on her phone barking mad to the other line. Her poised stature, and her motherly attitude was making him confused. She was undressing him, to make him more comfortable. She act all non s****l, while giving him a real boner. He thought he was drunk. Until he still felt the same way, the morning after. ********** Amber had too much on her plate. She never considered having a relationship with anyone anymore. Not since she was pregnant and left by her lover. That's when her life revolves around her baby, her friends and her work. She's very loyal to all of them, she just couldn't and wouldn't be in a relationship anymore. Steamy s*x, consentual s*x, all kind of s*x she loved. Just as long as there's no relationship involved. She learnt that the hard way. Now that she had her life running on its course, would she risked it for what could be the love of her life? Will Leo fight for her love? Will Leo have more insecurities?