Dreame - Crave You: A Novel
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Crave You: A Novel
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Priyanka Patra
Steamy Stories
Kayla M. Lee is losing her passion for her inattentive advisor husband, Nathan. She might be successful managing her fabric manufacturing company but at home, she's struggling with him. Things further complicate in one night that upends her trust in him. While she attempts to make her five-year-old marriage work, Nathan doesn't put effort in mending the shattered pieces. Trapped in a sexless relationship and her marriage flaking, Kayla thinks, if she has to satiate her missing desire, a dreamy operation manager has the answer. And for that - she has to return to Seus Doces cafe. Scott Miller is very satisfied with his insatiable CEO boyfriend, Matt Rodriguez. But, relationship wise, he's irrevocably hollow. His mysterious man doesn't talk much about his feelings or work unlike him. Then one day, Scott stealthily sees Matt throw his phone at the wall. He suspects Matt is in trouble after getting off a serious phone call. He tries gaining his trust but Matt doesn't return the kind of love he wants. The only way he can escape his pain - is watching Kayla return to Seus Doces. When Kayla and Scott stand close, they can see their bodies on each other, wrapped in the sheets of wild bliss. What they can't see is - one of them is obsessed with letting the other go. How dangerous their desire is going to be?