Dreame - Embrace The Dark ✔
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Embrace The Dark ✔
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Steamy Stories
I woke up the next morning in my bed with Anthony's hand draped on waist. "Anthony?" I shake his shoulder lightly. He looked so peaceful, so handsome. Every time I see him back for holidays it seems that he gets taller, more built and more handsome. Slowly he opens his eyes and smile at me. He's so handsome. "Morning Lilian, sorry about crashing here." He seated him self on the headboard...naked from the waist up. Ripples of chest muscles and abs suddenly aligned to my face. I blushed at the sight. He smirks looking amused at me. ********** Her mother had passed away and her father abandoned her in front of the orphanage, because she's different. She was being bullied by other orphans because she can see dead beings. Until she was adopted by a couple that loved her until their tragic accident. When her step brother came back to take care of her he actually felt something for her. What will he do with that realization and will he help her with all her fears? Completed: Feb 2019 ************* *Warning! R-Rated for 1*+ due to strong, explicit language and s****l content*