Dreame - Book 5 - My Possessive Mafia
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Book 5 - My Possessive Mafia
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Steamy Stories
Angelica is a party girl. She works hard and play harder. She likes her men sculpted, handsome, tall, and most of all easy. She never like complicated, difficult to handle men. She like her easy going lifestyle. Until one day she met Ivan, her bestfriend's body guard. She considered him as one of her easy fix, he definately fits the profile and was easy enough for the first time. Well...until feelings were involved obviously. ***** Ivan never considered himself as a cheap thrill, he likes to be romantically involved with his women. But his job made it difficult for him to do so. He never had the time to date women, and lured them to his side. Until he met Angelica, the beautiful party girl whom he could not resist. His dark past, and his job made him a possesive man. And she was proven difficult to handle. ****** Could their love for each other paved its path to their ever after? Follow me for another mafia love story... ❤️