Dreame - His Highness's Second Wife
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His Highness's Second Wife
book-rating-imgREADING AGE 18+
Scarlett Strange
#5th place winner in Royal Romance Contest After being stabbed in the real world, Lydia Myles wakes up in the body of Lady Raena Magrath, the only daughter of the Prime Minister of the Etrobia Empire and a fictional character in the most boring book Lydia has ever read. Raena is a slow-witted, weak and useless side character with no redeeming qualities if you don’t count her delicate beauty. Her only purpose in the story is to become the second wife of the third prince and the Empire’s most renowned warrior, Prince Kassian Etrobia. This is a marriage of convenience, not one of love. Lydia knows that. She knows that Prince Kassian is going to divorce Raena when he falls madly in love with the main character of the book - Elene, a slave girl from the recently conquered kingdom. Not only that, both his royal brothers would fall under the spell of the same girl, resulting in a vicious power struggle for the heart of the woman they love. Blood will spill, heads will roll and amid all that, an outside enemy will step in to take advantage of the Empire’s exposed weakness, resulting in yet another war. So what is Lydia’s plan? Get rich. Get divorced. Get out of Etrobia and find some quiet, safe city to live a life of luxury and pleasure. It shouldn't be that hard when you know what is going to happen, right? There is only one problem - some characters keep going off-script. Her husband, who was never supposed to be interested in her, keeps seeking her out and with every next encounter, it gets harder and harder for Lydia to keep away from him. Elene never does anything to catch any of the princes’ attention, resulting in all of them looking to one particular wife that has turned way more interesting than everybody thought. And there is one mysterious stranger that keeps circling around her like a hawk, waiting for its prey to fall into his hands.