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Sylvaine 8
sylvaine8author.online (WordPress) Insta: sylvaine_8_writer Face.book page SylvaineEightWriter Group Author page Scribble Nook (F.b.k) The series in the books\' best order (can each be read as a standalone, too) The Royal Witch ◇ Soraya and Adrian (completed, PTR) The Royal Flower◇ Carolina and Daniel (completed, PTR) The Royal Wolf and Hades\' Daughter ◇ Melinoe and Samuel (completed, PTR) Firebird (Luella and Metheus) - available on Am.a.zon in paperback and Kin.dle formats (Also in KU) Other completed books: Dance of the Mermaids - Alexander x Fiorentina Judgment in Glass - Dragomir x Serafina Currently Updating: Scent of a Rogue - werewolf romance (Gideon x Riva) - every other day, will go on PTR this last week of July or first week of August Wealth - gothic billionaire romance - Janus x Valerie - 2x a week Lullabye - avian shifter/fantasy romance/fae - Ardere x Roza (leaving for A.ma.zon in October or November) Triquetra trilogy (an offshoot of the Mogochislenian series): - I will not apply for contracts for these books. They are headed elsewhere. I am an MSc in Instructional Design and Bsc in Animation graduate but I also almost finished my MFA in Creative Writing. Pre-Covid, I was supposed to begin my Ph.D. (Instructional Design). Now, I am not so sure. Let\'s see. I am a teacher/proofreader/wife/mom/visual artist/instructional designer.
STORIES BY Sylvaine 8
The Royal Witch
The Royal Flower
Judgment in Glass
The Royal Wolf and Hades' Daughter
Dance of the Mermaids
Scent of A Rogue
A Kingdom of the Senses: Short Stories